Understand Bahnhof?

In German we have the idiom „Ich verstehe nur Bahnhof“ which would literally translate to „I only understand train station“ (i.e. I don’t understand anything). This might be what you are thinking when looking at Bahn Frei. So if you already ask yourself, how you will ever be able to play this game, I would like to introduce to you the „English ready package“.

When I planned for the Bahn Frei project and the Kickstarter campaign I thought a lot about whether I should produce an English language edition, a German one or both. Early on in the development it was clear to me that Bahn Frei could never be a language independent game due to the event cards and the story of the game. 

This is why I decided to start with a 100% German edition first. In order to still make the game accessible to English speakers now, I created this English ready package. It consists of the following three parts:

1. Instructions: Manual translated from German to English, will provide you all information you need to play the game.
2. Event cards: I translated the event cards and provide them in a print-ready format. You can choose to print these cards and use the printouts (either with or without the back side) or print the front side on adhesive labels and put them onto the cards that came with the game.
3. Glossary: Explains all terms on the passenger cards, the game board and the train plates

For more detailed information on the game incl. descriptions and videos, please visit the project page on Kickstarter!

And now enjoy Bahn Frei!

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